The Story Behind
Financial Freedomist

Financial Freedom is a lot more than just money. It is about the ability to live a life that you always wanted without worrying about or relying on others for money.

Hello. Welcome to Financial Freedomist!

I am the brain behind this blog, well that sounds a lot fancier than what actually I am, just a person who has worked extremely hard to plan her finances and is now working towards building a self-sustainable means of life that would allow her to chase her dreams and not money.

I am 38 as of Jan 2020, I had lost all my life’s savings in 2017 in a real estate investment that went bad, I learnt some valuable lessons that brought discipline in my life to help get myself back on my feet and my life back on the track to reach my ultimate goal in life – Financial Freedom.


What is the purpose of Financial Freedomist

Back in 2017, as I was slowly rebuilding my world from scratch, a very dear friend of mine from college called me.
She was going through a rough patch in her marriage and needed my help to plan her financial investments to secure funds for the future needs of her two little kids.

I did my best to explain her things over the phone and then shared a couple of website links for her to go through.

Later I realised those links were not very helpful for her as she felt lost in the overload of information on the internet.

Last year in 2019, another close friend who is a single mother of two kids, was going through a financial crisis after a failed marriage.
She called to seek my advice on the prospects of a blog as a source of income and steps required to make a start.

Once again I tried to explain the prospects and challenges and steps required for starting a blog, over the phone to her in the best way that I could and then shared a lot of reference links for her to go through.

Yet again I realised that I overwhelmed her with a lot of information and could not help her the way I intended to.

I realised the problem was that my friends needed someone to guide them to go one step at a time and unfortunately I could not do that over the phone, being physically so far away from them.

That realization gave birth to the idea of Financial Freedomist.

The purpose of this blog is to share my life’s lessons, learnt from my own experience in Financial Planning & Investment, in a way that does not scare people away.

I will break down the process in easy to follow steps to help my friends and many others like them embrace some of those lessons in their own life with ease.

What else can you expect from Financial Freedomist

In the process of starting this blog, I came across thousands of bloggers who have written pages after pages on

Step A – “How to start a blog”
Step B – “How to increase earnings from your blog”.

But I did not find a single blogger who wrote about the journey from Step A to Step B.

I did not find any blogger talk about the mistakes they made when they had just started their blog and what they did to fix them.

I am the sort of person who gives more importance to failure than I give to success. 


Success Is An Inspiration While Failure Is A “Teacher”.


Internet today is filled with success stories of bloggers but there is hardly any website that talks about how it failed.

This is my first blog, and I am like a newborn in the world of blogging as a source of earnings, who is learning to take their baby steps.

You can expect to read an honest account of a blogger’s journey from the very first step of the creation of a website, down to every little detail, every mistake, the lessons learnt and their results.