Wix vs WordPress


Wix or WordPress? This is one of the most widely asked questions on the internet.
It is a difficult choice to make for someone who is very new to building a website.

I have compared them on 10 crucial factors you should consider before choosing Wix or WordPress as a first-time blogger.
These are extremely critical factors for the success of your website or blog.

Wix has become very aggressive in promoting itself  as an easy to use website builder for people who have no knowledge or technical skills in website designing but want to build a website in just a few minutes.

While that promise is not a complete lie, the fact is that there are several factors which you should consider before making a choice.

What is better Wix or WordPress

I have used both platforms to build my websites and I think both have their Pros and Cons.
I created my first website using Wix and later moved on to WordPress as I gained more exposure and skills around Website creation.
Over the years WordPress as well as Wix have made a lot of improvements to their platform to make it increasingly easy even for the absolute newbies to learn and build their blogs or websites.
So, today complexity and ease of use is not a factor we use to choose between Wix or WordPress.

So, I have compared the two platforms on the following 10 parameters to help you understand which one of the two suits you more.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Popularity

This question is the easiest to answer and you can judge that yourself by looking at the following numbers
A whopping 35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have their websites built using WordPress –

Sony Music Entertainment –

Websites on WordPress

Vogue –

Websites on WordPress

The Walt Disney Company –

Websites on WordPress

Capgemini –

Website on WordPress

Flickr –

Now if you look at all the other Website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc then their joint user base is also less than that of WordPress.

Conclusion –

So, the question you should be asking yourself is how serious you are about growing your website traffic and earning serious money from it.

If you are creating a website only as a side hobby where you never see yourself putting more time and efforts into making it a money-making business, then you may be better off using Wix.

However if you are seriously considering creating your website and seeing it grow as an authority and also generating huge income for you then you should pick the platform which is more valuable in the market and without a doubt WordPress should be your choice.

Also personally I think the time you will spend on using WordPress will add to your valuable skills in learning a market leader platform, It will help you earn additional income as a freelance WordPress Website designer because there is a lot of demand for people with WordPress skills.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Usability

Both platforms allow users to build any type of website without having to write any code or learning any web development skills. You can build anything from an individual hobby blog to the biggest news website.

There is no limitation in terms of what you can build on WordPress, but there are few things you cannot do on Wix.

1st Limitation – Wix is not suitable for Affiliate Marketing

Wix is not an “Open Source” platform, what does this mean for you as someone building a website on Wix?

It means that you will not be the owner of your website, you will merely be borrowing a space on the servers of Wix and building your website on it.

What this means for you is that Wix will have the rights to block or remove your website anytime without any notice.

Now if you are considering using Affiliate Marketing to increase earnings from your blog, and frankly you really should consider it if you are not already; then you should invest time creating your website on WordPress because Wix may choose to update its policies anytime and block your website on the basis of the affiliate links you promote on your website even if those are all legal and ethical affiliate business.

2nd Limitation – Wix can only support small to mid-size e-commerce websites

Wix is best for small to mid-sized e-commerce website but it is not preferred choice for large scale e-commerce stores with a lot of products.

So, if you are creating a website today with the intentions of growing it internationally then you should not invest your time and money on Wix, you should start with WordPress.

Conclusion –

Both platforms allow you to create all formats of a website, you should consider Wix if you are not considering expansion of your e-commerce business and if you do not want to use Affiliate Marketing or Google Ad-sense as an additional source of income.
Wix will let you create any form of a website very easily.

However, if you are here to generate a sustainable source of income using the most popular strategies without being bound by any limitations then WordPress should be your choice.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Ownership

WordPress is an open source software so no one owns it. You buy your own domain from the market and design your website using WordPress.
So this means you are in complete ownership of your website.

Whereas in the case of Wix, you merely borrow a space on their platform.

Because you don’t own it, you don’t have control over the content.
There are certain types of content that is not allowed.
You don’t have control over whether or not your Web site or your blog stays online.
There are certain things like affiliate marketing, that may not be allowed to be published on your blog.

If Wix decides to shut down their shop tomorrow or change their pricing then you will be directly impacted, you will lose your website (Moving a website from Wix to any other platform is extremely difficult) or you will be forced to pay the price they decide to charge.

Conclusion –

Personally for me the ownership of my website is extremely important, I do not want to design a website with my time and energies knowing that I do not own it and have no control over its management.

Also, the pricing aspect is a deal breaker for Wix because with WordPress I can switch my web hosting service provider any time if they increase the price and I can be in control of my expenses but with Wix I will be forced to agree to the terms they dictate.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Customization

Both Wix and WordPress offer a wide variety of templates to choose from although WordPress is still the market leader when it comes to the level of customization allowed on your website.
WordPress being an Open Source software, offers total control over customization because it allows full access to the HTML/CSS of the website.

Although I have not had the need to touch a single line of code on my WordPress website.
There are free plugins on WordPress which let you do all kinds of customizations.

Wix on the other hand comes with pre-installed features and a host of widgets and apps to let you customize your website. If you find the perfect template for your website on Wix then it is amazingly easy to do most of the customizations required to give your website a professional look.

Conclusion –

Wix offers a lot of options to customize and give your website a professional look if you explore and find the right template. The biggest disadvantage with Wix is that you can only customize it by using the build-in tools compatible with the template and you cannot change the template after you have applied it on your website.

WordPress on the other hand has none of these limitations, I can change the template of my website anytime, I can even customize my existing template to give it a completely distinctive look.

Looking at the ease and level of customizations allowed on WordPress, I prefer that to be my choice.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Templates

Wix vs WordPress Templates

Wix has an incredibly good variety of templates / themes suitable for all categories of websites, all the themes are mobile optimized so you will not need to spend too much time updating the layouts for a mobile device.

WordPress also has many themes to offer to suit any form of website you want to design, though the point where WordPress wins over Wix is their vast catalogue of paid themes.

Users can buy paid themes of WordPress and create professional looking websites with just a few clicks. These paid themes offer the same ease of use that you get on Wix platform.

Conclusion –

While Wix has almost 500 plus themes which suit all of the categories of websites be it a blog or e-commerce or marketing, WordPress still wins in this comparison due to the Paid themes which offer all of the functionalities of Wix themes and more.

Another point which goes in WordPress’s favour is the flexibility to update/ change the theme anytime which lacks in Wix.

Wix or WordPress – Based on SEO

SEO expands to Search Engine Optimization is the process which allows us to improve the rankings of our website on search engines like Google.

This is the most important aspect of a website because imagine what use is a great website when there are no visitors coming to it.
SEO helps us optimize our websites so that search engines like Google can redirect users to visit our website.

SEO was never the strongest point for Wix, but they have fixed a lot of their issues since 2016 but when compared to WordPress they still lack behind. I have listed a few issues which are still unaddressed by Wix

A. Wix only offers H1 and H2 tags for their blog posts, while WordPress offers up to H6 tags in their blog posts. Tags are essential to improve rankings of Long form content posts.

B. Wix does not offer enough image optimization features. This can have an adverse effect on the website load time when the number of pages and posts increases and thus negatively affect the SEO rankings.

C. Wix does not provide options to optimize the website layout for a tablet, you can only edit the design for mobile phones.

D. Wix still uses non-descriptive image file names which can have a negative impact on the rankings for images on search therefore affecting SEO rankings.

Conclusion –

Wix has improved its SEO tools and it may be possible for experienced website designers to improve search rankings using Wix, but I do not recommend Wix for Newbies who do not have experience with SEO.

WordPress offers very easy to use plugins such as Yoast SEO to manage all SEO settings and offers analysis of each post and page and insights in the same place.

WordPress has a much better SEO capabilities and anyone from a Non-technical to an experienced designer can use it to improve their website ranks.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Monetization

Your website is like an asset that you create and help grow. Now you may decide to make money by selling this asset in future.

Wix is not the choice of professional bloggers or website designers.
So, when you decide to monetize, you may find it difficult to find clients who are willing to pay for a website built on Wix.

Whereas you can easily monetize your website built on WordPress because it is a popular platform and has a huge demand.

Conclusion –

If you are serious about growing your digital business and working hard on your website, then you should consider WordPress.org since it opens the opportunities for you to earn a huge profit in future by monetizing your blog / website. You lose out on this terrific opportunity when opting for Wix.

Wix or WordPress – Based on Support

Both Wix and WordPress have excellent support systems in place to help users at every stage of their project.

WordPress offers detailed documentation guides and how-to videos on its YouTube channels. You can use those to start with. Apart from this they also have a very strong community of users, including yours truly who keep adding to the learning material and support you at every step of your website designing.

WordPress Support

Wix being a paid platform has to offer its own designated support for its users which it does. Users can go to Wix support and raise a ticket; they can go to the forum and ask any questions or visit the Help Centre and search for the articles and documentations there.

Wix Support

Wix or WordPress – Based on Pricing

Both platforms offer a range of pricing plans, but for simplicity sake we will compare the two platforms to evaluate the cost per month for creating a new blogging / business website.

WordPress is an open platform for building websites. Open platform means it is free to use for everyone.

But to build a website using WordPress we need to purchase a domain and hosting. There are a lot of hosting services to choose from such as Dreamhost, Bluehost, Siteground.

Check out this detailed analysis of pricing plans offered by WordPress hosting service providers and compare them with pricing plans of Wix.

Conclusion –

Wix turns out to be much more expensive even if you look at the 1st year price.
So, our recommendation for new website builders is to avoid Wix and go for WordPress with Dreamhost Starter Plan to buy website hosting and domain.

Wix or WordPress – The Verdict

Wix is very easy to use but more expensive than WordPress.
WordPress is a market leader & most preferred platform among bloggers and offers greater flexibility for growing and monetizing your blog as a business.

Finally, the decision to choose depends upon your level of skills and willingness to learn new skills.

If you feel nervous doing simple things like installing a software on your laptop then you will find Wix very easy to use.

If you feel excited when learning about a new technology then you should try WordPress, there are hundreds of free “how-to guides” on google and YouTube to help you make a stunning blog / website using WordPress.

I would love to hear your thoughts, which of the two (Wix or WordPress) do you prefer?

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